Property Project Overview

My name is Andrew, and I have an exciting renovation project near Upperchurch, Tipperary, that I’d love to discuss with you. The property requires significant attention and improvements.

To provide you with a quick overview, the key aspects that need attention include:

1. Interior Walls: Dry-lining needed for all walls, and removal of temporary wooden walls.
2. Flooring: Thorough assessment and potential relaying of concrete flooring.
3. Ceilings: Attention required, potential roof issues despite being watertight.
4. Exterior Groundwork: Excavation required for ground work under the damp course.

Beyond these tasks, there are several obvious things that will need to be addressed, such as installing new windows throughout the property, doors, electrical work, and plumbing work. These aspects will require careful planning and coordination.

To give you a better understanding of the project, I have attached a few pictures and hastily drawn floor plans outlining the current state of the property. It’s clear that there’s a need for provisions, such as a toilet and shower, and I envision some adjustments to the existing layout.

I am contacting you to discuss the next stages of this project and to gauge your interest. I’m particularly interested in exploring the feasibility of applying for a derelict grant or the vacancy grant, as both seem promising based on initial discussions.

Currently living in Killarney, I frequently visit the property on weekends. Starting from January, I will have a full month off to thoroughly review and plan the project. Although not everything may be completed then, it will allow me to tidy up the exterior and make preparations for the upcoming work.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the project and your interest in taking it on. I would appreciate your insights on the potential eligibility for either a derelict grant or a vacancy grant.

Looking forward to your prompt response and the possibility of working together on this exciting venture.

Best regards,

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